Walmart’s baby section

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Everyone seems to just love Walmart. I have to ask: WHY?!

Every time I go to Walmart it’s the same thing – only some things have great prices, the checkout lines are incredibly line and the self-check lines never work right, there seems to be a million people all crammed into the same spot, and I never can find what I’m looking for.

It’s bad enough they are removing the craft section to put in a party supply section. And it’s terrible that the pet section has next to nothing in it. But the baby section is a complete nightmare.

I have a three-month-old son. I need things. Naturally, I head to Walmart thinking it’s going to have the best variety and the best prices. I have never seen such a joke of a section.

I go to find Nuk nipples and they only have them in fast, which would drown my son. I look for Playtex ones and they are completely out and no one who works there can tell me when more are coming in. My particular Walmart doesn’t carry glass bottles, which I prefer, and the variety of reusable bottles is hardly a variety. Trying to find teethers or small toys is like finding a needle in a haystack. In the entire Walmart, my husband and I only found three toys designed to keep a baby entertained for tummy time. One we found on display in the jewelry section. As for gyms they only had a fold up one and none for the crib.

Diapers are all the way on the back wall and all the sizes are just jammed together. It goes like this: Parent’s Choice size ones and twos are all the way on the top shelf, then threes are piled in with fours and fives on the same shelf, and the cases of diapers are just shoved on the bottom. Then it goes to Luvs and White Cloud and so on. Sometimes the Huggies end up on display next to electronics. Wipes are on a whole other aisle, crammed on top of each other with cans of formula mixed in with them. Sometimes they’re in with the training pants, and sometimes the training pants are in where the towels are.

Good luck finding clothes! The packs of tee shirts or onesies are on one side of an aisle and all sizes are just crammed together. You spend more time hunting for the size you want than you spend looking for a color or brand or style. The blankets seem to move regularly. Toddlers’ clothes are mixed in with newborns, girls with boys, bibs still seem to be a big mystery, and socks simply don’t exist. And if you want to find out the prices on the clothes, you better find a scanner.

My local Walmart barely carries car seats – I have seen maybe three styles. They have only 2 diaper pails at any given time, maybe one or two training potties, I’ve seen one baby bathtub, no strollers, cribs, bassinets, or playpens. I went to find my son a bassinet when he was born, and a tub, crib, and stroller. They told me they didn’t carry those items in Walmart stores. They suggested I drive all the way to another city (one 20 miles away and the other 30) to just check at the Super Walmart there; but they didn’t think they carried it either. So I should just order online.

Now…if I’m going to get my son a bassinet or cradle or crib or anything else, I want to see it. I don’t want a picture with a little blurb. I want to see it. And since we cannot afford a credit card right now and don’t use a debit card since everything goes to getting on our feet anyway, online shopping just isn’t an option for me. I really couldn’t believe that they didn’t even carry high chairs or bouncers. Not even a jumper.

In my area there are only two stores that you can most of what you need for your baby – Kmart and Walmart. Kmart is much much better. They have cribs on display, they have strollers on display, even jumpers and bouncers. They will even let you set your baby in a bouncer and see how he likes it. You can try clothes on your baby and everything is clearly where it should be with great variety and prices.

I go to Walmart because it’s supposed to be the best of everything and the only thing it’s best at is frustrating me to no end. A manager there even told me they were considering taking out the baby section altogether. The shoe section or electronics, heck, even the automotive section is bigger than the baby section. If they take it out completely people may not even notice.

What is wrong with you, Walmart? There are lots of people with young children in this area. We can’t drive miles out of our way to go to high-priced baby stores or to Super Walmarts; if we could we wouldn’t be trying to shop at what is supposed to be a low-priced store. How hard is it to keep diapers in the baby section and not in electronics, or baby toys in the baby section instead of jewelry? Right there is why you’re not making money off that section; get it fixed up and you’ll have lots more sales.

As for me, I’m sticking with Kmart.


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